Thank You

In 2010, The May Mile™ was born in Bromham raising money for the local primary school. Sainsbury’s Melksham, Connexions, City Dressing and Wiltshire Concrete sponsored the inaugural May Mile™ – they made it happen. 163 young entrants from in and around the village ran around Bromham football field three times before completing the final 100m straight through a gantry. Their debut May Mile™ was measured out roughly and some of the timings were a little out but there were no complaints and everyone received a medal and their time. They came back in 2011 to a more accurate, structured event with loyal sponsors to include Park Lane Practice and an even larger field of runners. Over the first three years the May Mile™ raised nearly £2,500 for charity. This wouldn’t have happened without our sponsors or runners.

A change of venue in 2013 to Sheldon and Hardenhuish School fields invited amazing sponsorship from Places for People and Abundant Sun as well as Sporting Billy and Purple House HR. The generosity of the sponsors together with the support of both schools in hosting the May Mile ever since has given rise to 250 runners in 2013 to just over 500 runners in 2016!

So now it's in it's 8th year and the May Mile™ team is delighted to have been acknowledged by MP Michelle Donalan for the substantial sum of money the event has raised for charity . Everyone's participation, whether running, watching or supporting is very, very much appreciated.

The distances are marked out to the inch (804.5m = half mile/1609m = full mile), the timings are as accurate as possible and it is part of the Wiltshire Junior League races. Children from as far as London, Monmouthshire and Nottingham travel to run the May Mile™ – there just simply isn’t any running event like it solely dedicated to children in the UK. And none of this would be possible without the continued kindness, support and generosity of the sponsors:

City Dressing, Wiltshire Concrete, Abundant Sun, Places for People, Park Lane Practice, The Doodle Studio and Sporting Billy. A thank you also goes to Soinspired, SEEEMS and AbaKomp for designing, hosting and supporting our website.

Nor would the event happen without the runners! The May Mile™ participants are the reason why it exists at all… because a lot of children want to run and they want to see how fast they can run.

Thanks to our hosts, sponsors, and runners alike, the May Mile™ has given a total of £9500 to charity since 2010. It currently continues to give all proceeds to Youth Action Wiltshire as an amazing charity putting the purpose back into many young people’s lives throughout Wiltshire.

In 2018 we will break £10K and complete 9 years of the May Mile™. This means that 2019 will be the 10th Anniversary of this inspirational event. We will try to count up how many athletes have come through the finishing gantry and see if we can gauge how many have gone on to achieve even more from their running.

The May Mile™ will also invite a special sporty guest to give medals to as many young runners as possible. But… that’s all for 2019!