More information and how to sign up

What will FAF look like?
It will look like somewhere you want to be to try a new sport: accessible, unintimidating and well-organised.

What will FAF feel like?
It will feel amazing no matter what the weather! It’s about having fun in a relaxed, safe environment where you can test your skills.

What will FAF entail?
You can pre-register by downloading the pre-registration form here, or just come on the day. Either way you will come to a large Registration area to collect your number and safety pins. Your parent/carer will sign a form to say that you are fit and well to do each sport and then off you go.
You choose which sport to do and in which order.

How will the throwing and jumping work?
Throwing will be vortex and Jumping will be from standing. The athlete will throw or jump three consecutive times and the longest measurement will be recorded.
There will be a practice area for throwing and jumping so people come to compete warmed up. The practising is the responsibility of the athlete.

How will the sprinting work?
Sprinting will be down a running track with 8 lanes. Each athlete will be invited to run three times, U11's run 75m and U13's upwards run 100m. Of the three attempts the fastest time will be recorded.

How will anyone know if I’ve completed a sport?
After each sport you will have a coloured stamp or pen mark made on your number to show you have completed that event.

What happens if not all my distances or speeds are recorded?
The athlete is responsible for making sure achievements are recorded successfully.

How will I know when I should come?
A rough timetable is issued for similar age-groups to compete together:
10-10.30am: 7-9 years
10.30-11am: 10-11 years
11-11.30am: 12-13 years
11.30-12pm: 14-15 years
12-12.30pm: 16-18 years

How much will I have to pay?
£3 Per Person Pre-registered
£3.50 on the day

Download a registration form HERE. Fill it out – REMEMBER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS – enclose a cheque and send it to The Garden Lodge, Chittoe, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 2EW. Await email confirmation and any further information. If you don’t submit an email, we’re not able to confirm your entry. If you don’t hear from us, please email the organising team maymile@live.co.uk.